Prosperityat Home

Welcome to The MC, a forward-thinking rental development that melds brilliant architecture and interior design with 2024 pace-setting amenities to create the ultimate designer home and one of the most comprehensive and unique living experiences in New York City today.

The number 1100 is revealed in its truest form at The MC. Whether translated into Roman numerals as MC, identified as a "master number" in numerology or in tarot as an "angel number," the number 1100 promises clarity, success and positivity to everyone it touches. Now, an exciting new living opportunity is set to embody the power of this unique number, welcoming Brooklynites to reside in a home that inspires new possibilities.

Straight on building Exterior view in the day
Building Exterior
Building exterior entrance with someone walking by
Building Exterior
Building Exterior view at night from above with people walking outside
Building Exterior
Supemarket exterior
Building exterior view in the day from above
Building Exterior
Closer up building exterior view at night
Building Exterior
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