Building Exterior
Building Exterior


At the confluence of historic Bedford-Stuyvesant and Hip Bushwick Brooklyn the MC is central to some of the most exciting dining and nightlife experiences and venues in Brooklyn today. Located directly around the corner from the Myrtle Avenue J, Z, & M subway stop, The MC is located just minutes away just over the Williamsburg Bridge from lower Manhattan.

Green juice on the counter at BKLYN BLEND



Can you tell us a little bit about BKLYN Blend and how you came up with naming the restaurant?

Since January 2016, Brooklyn Blend has been a staple in Brooklyn known for providing fresh juices, smoothies, shakes, and healthy food with a Caribbean flair. All of our menu items, such as our Park Slope Salmon Sandwich and our Fulton Street Shake, pay homage to streets, landmarks, and areas of Brooklyn. Hence the name, Brooklyn Blend. We were intentional with sourcing materials from around the city and repurpose them into our spaces. Some of these include old water tank wood, Coney Island Boardwalk, and Hudson rive pilings. We personally designed and constructed both locations.

Can you tell us about your inspiration behind the health food and juices you serve?

We offer healthy clean food options to a community that has traditionally been underserved and undernourished. Local-farm-fresh, non-genetically modified organisms (GMO), organic, quality, free of chemicals/pesticides foods are rarely made available at an affordable price point in low-income and minority communities. More often than not, low-quality, unhealthy food options are found in our neighborhoods in greater abundance and much cheaper than a healthier alternative. Tragically, low-quality, unhealthy food options found in our neighborhood, are inevitably bought and consumed, sustaining the ever-increasing levels of chronic diseases found within this population.

What are the elements you feel make BKLYN Blend different from other restaurants in the neighborhood?

The store was built from reclaimed wood and materials sourced from various abandoned parts of Brooklyn. The materials were rehabilitated, revitalized, and restored to its natural beauty. In addition to financial resources that were pooled together to bring the dream to fruition, Bklyn Blend was built on sweat equity. Ralph Warren, affectionately known as “Pop”, with his master craftsmanship also built the tables and countertops that serve as functional works of art. They are all Ralph Warren originals. Our space was design and built with the intention of blending our community and having a safe space for all to feel welcomed.

Do you have a favorite dish on your menu? Is there a story behind its creation?

The Park Slope Sandwich/Salad is top tier. It is simply the best. Our unique and elevated taste is a result of smoking the salmon and preparing to our guest preferred temperature. My favorite drink is the Pop’s Special/Ralph Avenue, affectionately named after my father which is a complete meal on wheels. The ingredients include, cashews, oats, bananas, pumpkin seeds, almonds, sea moss, blueberries and almond/ oat milk.

When did you open BKLYN Blend? How have things in the neighborhood changed between now and then?

Brooklyn Blend was opened in 2016. When we got to Tompkins, we converted a 99-cent store to be the dopest juice bar and café that you see today. Since then, the Tompkins corridor has welcomed various businesses and communities adding to a diverse and thriving community. We are fortunate enough to serve both old and new Brooklyn.

How did you decide to land your business in Bed-stuy? What do you like about your location?

We spent 2 years looking for a location and when our Tompkins location became available the vision became clear about what the space could become. We also saw a need for healthy options in the neighborhood.

How many employees do you have? Are any current Brooklyn residents? Is anyone originally from Brooklyn?

We have approximately 20 employees and most live in Brooklyn now and the others are from BK originally.

Green juice on the counter at BKLYN BLEND
Delicious looking dishes and drinks on wood table at Concrete Brooklyn

Concrete Brooklyn


Can you tell us a little bit about Concrete Brooklyn and how you came up with naming the restaurant?

Concrete opened June 18th, 2018. The mission is an inclusive, safe space providing healthy food options for everyone in our neighborhood- no exclusivity. We maintain Sicilian hospitality traditions, allowing the food to shine and the service to be outstanding.

The name Concrete draws reference from the owner’s passion to build a solid presence in his adopted community; something that didn’t feel abstract nor unnecessarily fancy. Located at the bustling corner of Broadway and Stockton Street, Concrete references a strong establishment in the community, one that is built to last.

Where do you draw inspiration behind the Sicilian food you serve?

We serve the food our owner grew up eating in Sicily. Traditionally, in his family pretty much everyone can cook, so we sourced family recipes straight from mom and grandma. Over the years our crowd response was outstanding, so we kept on doing what everyone loved.

Do you have a favorite dish on your menu?  Is there a story behind its creation?

We love them all equally, but our Pistachio Pesto with shrimp served with homemade pappardelle is one of the special ones, as it represents one of the owner’s childhood memory.

When did you open Concrete Brooklyn? How have things in the neighborhood changed between now and then?

Concrete opened June 18th2018. We have lived around Myrtle Broadway for the last 15 years and a lot has changed since. When we first established the space, there was a larger community of creative professionals. After Covid we’re seeing a slow recovery as well as prices hikes, preventing people from staying as long-term residents in the neighborhood. Many have also relocated due to the recent remote-working possibilities but we stand very strong and love what we do, we understand that times like these aren’t forever.

How did you decide to land your business in Bed-stuy? What do you like about your location?

The owners lived in the neighborhood since 2009 and fell in love with how energetic the area is. The social interactions, the noisiness, and the presence of working people was so Sicily-like and made us feel not only welcomed but also, at home. There’s no other neighborhood like this one, even in other boroughs of NYC. We Love Myrtle-Broadway, its history, and what it represents for us.

How many employees do you have? Are any current Brooklyn residents? Is anyone originally from Brooklyn?

There are currently 4 team members at Concrete! A completely brick and mortar operation, we have a husband and wife team who operate the facility. All team members live within the neighborhood however, they are all adopted Brooklynites.

Delicious looking dishes and drinks on wood table at Concrete Brooklyn
Owners of Ornithology Jazz Club

Ornithology Jazz Club


Can you tell us a little bit about Ornithology Jazz Club and how you came up with your name?

Me and my husband (who started smalls Jazz Club 30 years ago and just retired around 4 years ago) have been dedicating ourselves to support NYC’s Jazz community and we do have big affinity to NYC Be-bop Jazz.

We started a nonprofit Gotham Yardbird Sanctuary honoring be-bop legend Charlie “ Yardbird” Parker and during pandemic and we also named our for-profit headquarter business Ornithology Jazz Club using one of his iconic composition Ornithology.

It also has an extra meaning in a sense as a bird nest for those who seek inner flight through live jazz and intimate and inspired conversations.

We’re told by locals that your club is like “being transported to Paris”. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

We basically bought previous business which was built in very bohemian style and we made a stage a center of the room to really featured the live music. We are supported by local jazz artists who congregate nightly for jam session and creatives from various fields in art.

The vibe of intimacy and intelligence are pretty powerful and it might remind them of imagined Latin Quater of Paris or original Smalls Jazz Club in west village in 90’s.

What elements make Ornithology different from other jazz clubs in the area?

I think our dedication to feature veteran musicians on the scene we have pleasure of working last 30 years and our relationship with them.
We also are equally passionate about giving young generations have chance to showcase their talents. We always wanted to give authentic leaning experience to create the space where all generations can get inspiration and learn from each others.

How did you go about finding your menu inspiration and the components that go into them?

At Ornithology, until we opened Cafe Ornithology, right next door of Ornithology Jazz Club to offer plant-based Mediterranean dishes with live music nightly ($10 cover take you to two spaces back and forth all night), we featured different local vegan chefs rotating weekly basis ranging from Mexican, Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Brazilian etc.

Our signature cocktails are created by our painter-mixologist Luciano Flor and it was featured in New York Magazine 2 years ago when we opened.

We basically hire trusted artist and let them explore the menu creatively with some guidance and suggestions.

When did you open the business and why did you choose this neighborhood and particular location?

We opened June 2021.
We both moved to Bushwick from West Village right after my husband’s retirement.
I originally found a weekly gig as a jazz vocalist and drummer at Bodeguita (previous business of Ornithology) when I moved to this neighborhood then pandemic happened.
We established nonprofit GYS to subsidize the performance fees at Bodeguita for about a year and the owner came to us to see if we wanted to buy the business

I always, from the beginning, was fascinated by Bushwick audiences that are so welcoming and supportive for Live Jazz as musician.

How many employees do you have? Are any current Brooklyn residents? Is anyone originally from Brooklyn?

About dozens for each places Ornithology and Cafe Ornithlogy.
It is very international staffs as NYC is and some are originally from Brooklyn but most of them live very close in Brooklyn.

Owners of Ornithology Jazz Club
Drinks at Secret Pour

Secret Pour


Can you tell us a little bit about Secret Pour and how you came up with naming the bar?

Secret Pour is an all-inclusive bar/lounge with a hidden event space. Secret door - Secret Pour.

When did you open the business and why did you choose to land in this particular neighborhood?

We’ve been in the Bushwick area for quite some time, throwing various events and underground parties for our friends in the community. Also becoming good friends with owners of many establishments here. In the beginning of 2022 we were approached with the offer to buy the space and we said yes right away. We love Flowers and Three Bucks Saloon (previous bars in the same location) so we wanted to “keep the party going” per se. Also took over the nail salon next door and turned it into an event space.

We understand you host events almost daily. Can you tell us a little bit about them and your motivation behind the types of events you host?

Being an all-inclusive bar, we incorporate many elements of our community into the venue. From drag nights to burlesque shows, hip hop, music and poetry showcases, queer horror film screenings, trivia nights and Coney Island performances are just a few of the many events that take place at Secret Pour.

What is your favorite drink that you serve? Is there a story behind its creation?

We have a few fan favorites. I’m particular to the Ezekiel 25:17, which serves more as a TRIPLE entendre: A friend of ours named Zeke asked us to name a drink after him, the name is a Bible verse quoted in my favorite movie Pulp Fiction, and from time to time we get church goers who come to our bar to… feel the holy spirits.

Can you tell us what you love about the neighborhood?

Bushwick and Bedstuy are the cornerstone and purveyors of all things cultured. From the kings of hip hop to the queens of drag. It’s hard to leave an area that is so accepting of people and ideals and have a strong sense of community and humanity as a whole.

How many employees do you have? Are any current Brooklyn residents? Is anyone originally from Brooklyn?

We have a short staff at Secret Pour, family style. All of our employees live in Brooklyn. FROM Brooklyn? Depends what “from” means. Like Rakim says, “It ain’t where you from/it’s where you’re at” :-p

Drinks at Secret Pour
Various food dishes on table at Winona's



Can you tell us a little bit about Winona’s and how you came up with naming the restaurant?

Winona’s is a family-run restaurant anchored by seasonally driven dishes from executive chef Dan Gonzalez, a thoughtfully curated natural wine, and community events with guest chefs, wine experts and food activists. Winona’s started as an extension of supper clubs regularly hosted in our apartment right next door, where we gathered friends and strangers around one long table. The space was designed to evolve from our dining room where we could continue to bring people together. We hope to offer our guests an experience that is not limited by time but where lingering over dessert or conversation is encouraged.

Winona’s is named after our dog, a little pitty rescue girl who up until recently lived next door, although it was rare to catch a glimpse of her. The ultimate irony is that Winona is agoraphobic and anxious of new people, so the restaurant is more or less her worst nightmare.

What is your favorite dish that you serve? Is there a story behind its creation?

Our menu is ever changing and ever evolving. Our focus is on seasonality and working with domestic product wherever possible. While most of our dishes come and go with the changing seasons, the scotch egg remains our signature dish, available every day, for dinner or brunch. It’s a British classic, and we try and stay true to tradition with our take on it, a farm fresh egg (we try and source those special eggs with the ultra orange yolks), wrapped in a classically seasoned pork sausage, wrapped in crispy breadcrumbs and sizzled in the fryer - what a dream. We plate this in two parts with a dollop of punch colman’s english mustard and some wee cornichons to cleanse the palate. I guess the main story here is related to my own background; having left the UK ten years ago, I rarely yearned for British food in general, except for a good scotch egg every now and then. I like to think we’ve exposed many new yorkers to the joys of a cheeky scotch egg.

Can you tell us about your unique concept of your supper’s club and how it became the successful restaurant that exists today?

Our supper club series, named Backroom Dinners, was a monthly event that we hosted at our apartment, next door to what is now Winona’s. At the time we were focused on our catering company, working on bespoke catering for events of all sorts. The supper club became a vehicle for us to practice our own kind of hospitality - to cook what we wanted to eat and share with those we loved, to pour the wines we were excited about and to bring people together in this moment.

The transition into a fully-fledged restaurant came about two years after the first Backroom Dinner, and in a way, it was by happenstance as the landlord of our apartment was looking for a tenant for his storefront next door. Having lived in the neighborhood for a number of years we knew how much this little corner of Brooklyn desperately needed a restaurant, so we decided to go for it. 4 years, a pandemic and a baby later, we’re somehow still here.

How many employees do you have? Are any current Brooklyn residents? Is anyone originally from Brooklyn?

Almost all of our staff members live in Brooklyn, and several are indeed born and raised.

Various food dishes on table at Winona's
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